Roxana Khalili | Buyer | 01/29/18
Thanks Eric for your patience as we searched for our first home, for being available to answer any questions and meet us at the many properties we wanted to look at, and all your help throughout the whole process! – Roxana and Kris

Carolina M. Torres | Buyer | 01/24/18
I was referred to Eric Nabors by a friend who spoke highly of his experience with him as an agent. Upon meeting Eric, I was confident that he was also the best agent for me to work with. As a first time buyer, Eric’s level of communication and detail far surpassed my expectations and put my mind at ease. Though he was working with several different clients, he made me feel well attended. Responses to voice messages/emails were always very prompt, making my purchase seamless from beginning to end. Eric made a very daunting experience seem easy! – Carol T., Anaheim

Lindsay Anvareyan| Buyer | 01/23/18
You really are the best! We are so grateful for all your hard work and patience!!

Marina Padovani | Listing Agent | 01/22/18
Good afternoon Eric. Thank you SO much for all your efforts and professionalism… At this time my client has decided to go with a higher offer with limited contingencies and quick close. Thank you anyway for how professional you have been. I would truly like to have the opportunity to work with you in a near future. Kind regards… Your clients should feel at ease to have such a great agent representing them. Much success.

IMS Incorporated | 01/16/18
ERIC NABORS, congratulations! And much success in 2018! Here is how you ranked for the first 11 months in 2017, you outperformed 92.41% of the competition.*
*Random sampling of 660,000 USA agents who had a sale in the last 12 months.

Lesley Wood | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 01/11/18
Wow, Eric – fantastic review!! Thank you. Happy New Year!!

Corrine Studebaker | Relocation Coordinator, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 01/11/18
Eric, you are one of the best!

Cynthia Anderson | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 01/11/18
Outstanding, Eric!! You are a true professional! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

Nancy Morrison | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 01/11/18
Congratulations! I love reading the testimonies that your clients write about you! It is all true and you exemplify excellence! Cheers to you.😊

Sharon Fox | Relocation Director, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 01/11/18
Fantastic job and review, Eric! We appreciate you very much!

Dennie Parra | Seller, WHR Group Relocation Client | 01/10/18
When I met Eric I was impressed by his energy and enthusiasm. After speaking to him for a while, I was sold based on his attention to detail and organizational skills. He clearly has a broad knowledge base, does his homework and gears everything to the needs of his client. He anticipates your needs and keeps you informed throughout the entire process. I felt secure and protected. I can’t go on enough on how knowledgeable Eric is and gives you the security to just sit back and let him take care of it all, keeping you completely informed throughout the process. He is very trustworthy and a consummate professional. If you want a professional, trustworthy, organized, realtor who is going to do everything he can to assist you in selling your property, Eric is your man. He truly understands his client’s needs because he takes the time to listen and get to know you before he begins his process that is always well thought out and geared to your needs. We need more people like Eric in this world! Eric keeps you informed and gives you all of the information you need to make sound decisions. He has your best interests at heart and makes you feel protected. He sold my property within hours of it being listed. -Dennie Parra, Lake Forest

Ashley Kneusel| WHR Group Relocation Associate | 12/29/17
Thank you, Eric. You were awesome to work with again!

Cynthia Anderson | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 12/29/17
Thank you, Ashley! We wanted the best and you got him!!

Donald King | Seller | 12/20/17
Eric, I got a quality survey on you from century 21. I rated you all “EXCELLENTS” and “5’s”, and also included the expanded testimonial I posted online with the survey. Thanks again.

Dennie Parra | Seller, WHR Group Relocation Client | 12/08/17
I love you Eric, you always bring me the best news and I get to see your handsome, smiling face in every email. 😊 I can’t thank you enough, you have been such a pleasure to work with…Thanks for everything!!! I wish there was something I could do to indicate my gratitude! I appreciate you! You rock and everyone needs to know! 😊

Rangan Mallik | Seller, Cartus Relocation Client | 11/17/17
Eric was simply excellent in all aspects of my sale process. Without Eric I feel it would have been much tougher for me to sell my house being out of state. Eric’s communication skills, both verbal and in writing, is just too good and much much better than other Realtors I have worked with. Each and every step of the sales process, Eric worked really hard to do the best job possible. For example, during sale price negotiation process, Eric wrote some emails justifying the asking price to the buyer’s agent that was literally ultra-convincing and surely helped to close the deal. Eric is always available to answer questions, he is very patient and he treats his clients extremely nice.

Corrine Studebaker | Relocation Coordinator, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 11/17/17
Eric, you do a fantastic job, great review.

Lesley Wood | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 11/17/17
Way to go, Eric. This review is fantastic!! Great job again! Thank you.

Nancy Morrison | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 11/17/17
Hi Eric, another amazing review, but I am not surprised! You do such a fantastic job for your clients and this is the reward! Blessings.

Reynaldo Novelo | Seller, USAA Client | 11/11/17
Eric Nabors, is the best realtor, whom I’ve used for both of my properties. I enjoyed working with him. He really demonstrated top performance, overall, on all areas. Also, his availability is the best, 24 hours a day; I can send him a text message, email or phone call and I will get my answer. Eric understood the performance and work ethics I desired, in addition to understanding and relating to my needs and wants. Eric listened carefully to my concerns and addressed my questions as well as providing availability and feedback 24 hours a day. Eric marketed my property rapidly efficiently and had a buyer within 72 hours. He is a top performance realtor. You should make him a poster board boy for the business; he’s really good at what he does.

Janice Chafin | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Manager, Mission Viejo | 11/08/17
Eric, great review! Thank you. Great job on this listing. You always go that extra mile. This is why you are an International Quality Service Winner. Keep up the good work.

IMS Incorporated | 10/16/17
Dear ERIC NABORS, 95.10% of USA real estate agents did not reach your sales level by volume.*
*Random sampling of 660,000 USA agents who had a sale in the last 12 months.

Rangan Mallik | Seller, Cartus Relocation Client | 10/06/17
Amazing marketing! I feel I need to move back to the house, haha. Excellent job Eric!

Donald King | Seller | 08/25/17
I have known Eric Nabors for years, but have not had any chance to work with him on a real estate transaction prior to the recent sale of our home. However, Eric’s experience and dedication to his career calling made me confident that he would deliver for us on our sale. Our family had decided to relocate from California to Virginia. We had a very tight timeline to get our home sold in CA, move across country, and ideally buy a new home before the school year starts in VA for our three younger daughters. The whole timeline was contingent on a quick, smooth sale of the CA home. We listed our home Memorial Day weekend and had it under contract by early July and closed 29 days later. Based on the smooth process in CA, we were able to enter a contract and close on a home in VA before Labor Day. Eric’s marketing plan for our home was very extensive. He did a fantastic job of explaining the plan in the first meeting and the actual results of the marketing were beyond our expectations. The photos and the web presentation were particularly impressive. Eric is a true gentleman and his attention to the sale and customer service was fantastic. Even when there were minor bumps in the road, as is always the case with any real estate deal, Eric guided the transaction along with meticulous follow through. We could not have been more pleased with Eric Nabors from start to finish. I would highly recommend him to family, friends and colleagues. – Don King (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and Williamsburg, VA)

Carlos Maciel | Buyer | 08/21/17
Eric helps by giving tips and techniques to better prepare for sale. Eric was very strategic in planning, setting up, staging, and executing the sale. Eric is professional in every aspect of the word. From start to finish Eric was there to answer any question I had. Eric would make suggestion to give more value with a manageable and affordable budget. Best of all, he can connect with people to provide the best possible experience. – Carlos Maciel, Corona

Nancy Novak | Buyers | 08/20/17
Eric is very professional and did a great job for us! Everything was perfect! Great Job Eric!! I would recommend Eric Nabors to everyone, he is very talented and very thoughtful and professional. – Nancy & Bob Novak, Mission Viejo

Sharon Fox | Relocation Director, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 08/07/17
Thank you, Eric, for achieving such great reviews in Relocation.  It is truly a pleasure to receive and read the service level experienced by the transferee.  Testimonies such as these demonstrate how dedicated you are in providing the highest level of customer service. Thank you, again!

Janice Chafin | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Manager, Mission Viejo | 08/07/17
Eric, always such GREAT reviews! Thanks for being on the Beachside team!

Nancy Morrison | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 08/07/17
Hi Janice (Office Manager), another fantastic review (received by Eric)!  He is always so thorough, hardworking and dedicated to his clients. It is wonderful having him at Beachside and on our Relocation team.

Nancy Morrison | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 08/07/17
You are AWESOME Eric!! Well-deserved reviews. We appreciate everything you do for Relocation! Thank you.

Thomas Wall | Seller, Weichert Relocation Client | 08/07/17
Eric, it was truly a pleasure working with you!

Kym Wall | Seller, Weichert Relocation Client | 08/06/17
Eric was well prepared and very knowledgeable about the relocation process. He was honest and put in a lot of hard work. I have worked with many realtors over the years, but Eric was the best I have I have experienced. I think when selling a home, it’s important to work with someone you can trust, and is responsive to questions and taking care of the many details involved in a home sale. Eric was simply exceptional in these areas.

Steven Ngo | Buyer | 08/02/17
Eric was always very prompt in responses via, phone, text or email. Eric has been great. Thanks for everything!

Mary Ryan | Seller | 07/31/17
Eric Nabors is a very professional realtor. When things became too much for me, because I live out of state, he was always the calm in my storms. Whenever I had questions or concerns, he was easy to reach and would get back to me right away. If I needed any help with contractors, he was right there helping me negotiate the best prices. He even went over the top and help my husband clean the house on the moving out day. He is wonderful.

IMS Incorporated | 07/30/17
Dear ERIC NABORS, there are too many agents chasing sales. 51% of agents did 4 or less  transactions, but you are among the top 91% of ALL Real Estate professionals! *Random sampling of 660,000 USA agents who had a sale in the last 12 months.

Leonard Ryan | Seller | 07/25/17
Thank you, Eric, for your help in getting the sale done and contractors on.

Mary Ryan | Seller | 07/25/17
Eric, thank you for all the time and work you put into selling our house.  You are very kind, thoughtful, patient, considerate and confident.  Thank you for putting up with us.  You did a wonderful job. Thank you.

Phil Boutet, DVM | Seller, Archibald Relocation Client | 07/24/17
Eric Nabors was overall outstanding! He went above and beyond to meet our needs – consistently throughout the sale. When we interviewed other candidates, what set him apart was that Eric focused on all the positives that our property had to offer and shared with us a plan on how he was going to work to highlight these for the promo and advertising. Additionally, he was extremely responsive and really enjoys collaborating with his clients. In the end, we sold over asking and under 4 weeks – amazing!

John Huynh | Seller, SIRVA Relocation Client | 07/22/17
Eric originally was not my first choice because I had another agent that I had worked with. Relationship was important but after interviewing Eric it was clear that Eric knew a lot about corporate relocation. This was key as we needed to sell at the right price and in the quick turnaround time. Photos look gorgeous and his tips help quickly sold the house.

Thomas Wall | Seller, Weichert Relocation Client | 07/21/17
Eric, thanks for all your hard work on this!

Mary Cahill Jeffers, CRP | Weichert Workforce Mobility Counselor | 07/21/17
Thank you, Eric. You did a great job keeping us all in line!

Bethanne Peterson | Senior GRAEBEL Relocation Consultant | 07/13/17
I appreciate all your hard work and all you have done to bring this to a successful closing. It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with someone as experienced and professional as you. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Maggie Vega | Escrow Officer, Stewart Title of CA, Inc. | 07/13/17
It is such a pleasure doing business with you.

Kari Wendt | Senior SIRVA Relocation Consultant | 07/10/17
Hi Eric, thank you so much for making my job easy on this one! 😊

Bob & Nancy Novak | Buyers | 07/06/17
We viewed many homes and Eric took the time and patience to guide us to the home of our dreams. There were times where we were frustrated and discouraged during the home hunting process but Eric kept us on track and would not give up until we were 100% satisfied. We could not be happier with the home we bought. I have never experienced such a smooth transaction! Thanks Eric!

Cindy Fuller | Seller | 06/13/17
Eric is very knowledgeable and professional. We felt very comfortable with any questions or concerns we had. We knew Eric would get us an answer or resolve any issue. He was very approachable and a great communicator.

Leslee Beckett | Seller | 06/03/17
I have and will refer Eric Nabors to anyone I know that has a need for a realtor. In my mind, no one could have done a more professional job with my transaction. I am looking forward to my next transaction with Eric, because I know it will be handled professionally, efficiently and above all expectations. Thank you, ERIC NABORS, for being a truly amazing realtor.

Igor Franco | Buyer | 06/03/17
In most cases it takes 30 days to close but with Eric on your side he would be able to do it sooner because he has a great team on his side. Thanks again Eric.

Jimmy Tong | Buyer’s Agent | 05/31/17
I do like your style of business and that’s why I like working with you. Thank you!

Andrew & Laurie Estrada| Sellers (Short Sale) | 02/23/17
Eric, we appreciate all your hard work and sacrifice. I never thought I would be happy to lose one of my properties, but I am; and we could not have climbed out from under such debt if it wasn’t for you. Many thanks; we owe you one.

Rick Davidson | President & CEO, Century 21 Real Estate LLC | 01/31/17
Eric, congratulations on achieving the 2016 Masters Emerald and the Quality Service Producer awards. Your hard work and dedication to your customers, your community, and the CENTURY 21® System have enabled you to earn this outstanding achievement. It is because of affiliated sales professionals like you that the CENTURY 21 brand continues to be a powerful force in real estate and receives notoriety, such as ranking “Highest Overall Satisfaction for First-Time Home Sellers, First-Time Home Buyers, Repeat Home Sellers, and Repeat Home Buyers (Tied in 2016) among National Full Service Real Estate Firms, Three Years in a Row” in the J.D. Power 2014-2016 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study. You are a valued member of the CENTURY 21 System. The One21 experience is our opportunity to celebrate your success with you and other CENTURY 21 professionals from around the globe. I hope that you have already made your plans to join us at the One21 experience, March 6-9 in Las Vegas, NV! You don’t want to miss out on the wonderful networking and learning opportunities as well as the opportunity to celebrate your remarkable achievements this past year. Thank you for all of your efforts in 2016, I wish you the best for a prosperous 2017.

Drew Himber | Seller, Relocation America International Client | 01/20/17
Eric is the best realtor I’ve ever worked with and that says a lot after buying three homes and selling two. Eric is professional, courteous, highly attentive and knowledgeable. He is an expert when it comes to relocation clients. He has an exceptional ability to represent his clients to their best interest and never puts his own interests first. He will talk through your countless questions and is reliable in every sense of the world. He took over many duties that were not even his as I had to travel so much and was in a rush corporate move. I wish every realtor was like Eric.

Dina Sheak | IMS Incorporated | 12/08/16
Dear ERIC NABORS, your sales are better than 95.53% of your competitors*.* based on random sampling of 575,617 USA real estate professionals. Sampling done November 24, 2016. Margin of error less than +/-1%

Jennifer A. Baranski| Global Mobility Consultant, Relocation America International| 12/02/16
Thank you so much for all your help in keeping the process moving smoothly. You are unequivocally awesome!!

Terry Basli | Cartus, Relocation Contract Specialist | 10/10/16
Thank you all for your efforts to get this property closed. Eric – good luck with future sales!

Renee Campbell | Seller, Coto de Caza | 10/07/16
Eric, you are such an incredibly nice person!! I feel so bad to cancel (property viewing) last minute and yet you have looked beyond the business part of it and understood the personal part to be more important. You are far and few in this world. We appreciate your time, efforts, energy and most important your ethics and professionalism throughout this whole process. Thank you so much,
Blessings to you…

Janice Chafin | Office Manager, Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – MV | 10/05/16
Eric, thank you for sharing with the Agents yesterday. We have a group of beginning Agents that I feel will do good for themselves. They were on your website before you left the parking lot. Thanks again…

Dan & Cindy Fuller | Coto de Caza Sellers, Cartus Relocation Clients | 09/22/16
Dan and I wanted to say thank you again for your positive energy, enthusiasm and always being available to navigate us through our relocation to Cincinnati. We especially appreciated your ‘taking over’ and going out of your way to take care of things since we moved one month prior to getting an offer. It was comforting knowing you were there to care of the air conditioning, checking on the sprinklers, and handling all aspects of the inspection. (And thanks for mailing my Ray Bans I left on the counter).Your communication throughout this process kept us abreast of where we were at during the entire process. Wishing you much continued success.

Seungjin Lee | Seller, Weichert Relocation Client | 09/15/16
If you are looking for a real estate agent, Eric Nabors is the man for you. He is extremely professional, personable, and detailed oriented.

Robert Chadwick Reid | Buyer, Relocation Client | 09/02/16
It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Eric Nabors as a top real estate agent who helped me find a home in Southern California. He always did his best and was ready with excellent advice to get this transaction/purchase completed. I would strongly recommend him for his expertise, experience and integrity. Eric was always available when needed and I will use him again.

Ed Kucia | Buyer, WHR Group Relocation Client | 08/30/16
Without Eric and his expertise, our recent move to Orange County would have been a nightmare. Not only did he show us exactly what we were looking for in properties, but he was available before, during and after our closing. He was also very helpful in educating us on some of the unique aspects of purchasing a home in California. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for a realtor.

Sharon Van Winkle | WHR Relocation Counselor | 08/16/16
Eric, I wish all my agents were as helpful and able to follow up like you do!

Lisa Shuy | Listing Agent’s Transaction Coordinator | 08/05/16
Thank You, Eric. I really appreciate how you are so quick to respond, update and get me everything I need; and you are not even working with a Transaction Coordinator.

Joanne Burbank | Cartus Client Services Consultant | 08/01/16
I greatly appreciate the wealth of detailed information you are providing to Dan and Cindy, as well as to Cartus. We rely on your knowledge and understanding of the Coto de Caza market.

Ashley Krukar | WHR Group Relocation Associate | 07/18/16
You are certainly one of the more speedy agents we have ever worked with. Makes the relocation process a lot smoother when we, the relocation company, and the agent can work together well to get the end result we are looking for. Much appreciated!

Aaron Nelson | Seller, SIRVA Relocation Client | 07/16/16
Eric, you were great! The attention to detail you provided to our listing was the best!
Professional, enthusiastic, organized and responsive describes what you brought every day for us! Thanks, Eric!

Francesca Malhoney | Seller, Cartus Relocation Client | 06/03/16
Eric was instrumental in selling our home. From our initial meeting with him, we knew right away that he is driven, committed to his clients, and pays great attention to detail. He completed a thorough comp analysis to ensure our listing price was ambitious yet attainable. During the listing process, he also leveraged all of his marketing tools to advertise our home and ensure we’d have a large number of potential buyers coming through. We received multiple offers and Eric was incredibly professional, quick to respond, and consistently advocated for us with each interaction with multiple agents. We couldn’t be more pleased with all that Eric did to help sell our house quickly!  We’d recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a fantastic realtor!

Marcia Esswein | Escrow Officer, Tallbrook II EscrowCorp | 05/17/16
It is such a pleasure doing business with you.

Melissa Parrish | Seller, SIRVA Relocation Client | 05/03/16
While relocating a family across the country is a stressful experience, Eric made our real estate search easy and simple which we were truly grateful for. Eric was always accessible day or night, organized all of our showings immediately, and was always available to share his expertise with us. We appreciate his patience with us in our home search and once we found a home he was still there every step of the way with the inspection and closing process. We also saw Eric stand up for us to get the improvements we needed to be sure we were confident in the choice of our new home. I would definitely recommend Eric if you are looking for an honest and knowledgeable professional in the real estate industry.

Kyle Williams | Seller, Odyssey Relocation Client | 04/27/16
Eric spent the time to understand our relocation issue and immediately went into action in order to get the property onto the market and people in while we were out of the office. It took less than 1 week to go from discussion to the property being seen. Eric was always available to us and quickly responded to all of our questions whenever we had them. He also went above and beyond to make certain our property looked amazing once we moved. Relocation out of state is a stressful activity and Eric’s responsiveness was incredibly important to putting our mind at ease.

Heiner Escobar | Buyer’s Agent | 04/22/16
Thank you Eric, I am thankful there are people that provide the most highest level service and experience in our Real Estate Industry, such as yourself and your team. The opportunity and service are greatly appreciated. Congratulations!!

Stacie Lee Clark | WHR Group Relocation Counselor | 04/22/16
It was great working with you…

Brandon Anderson | WHR Group Relocation Associate | 04/21/16
…It was a pleasure and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Dan Eppinger | Seller, WHR GroupRelocation Client | 04/15/16
From our first meeting, I knew Eric Nabors was the right fit for my corporate relocation.  He is personable, attentive, and very well qualified.  His work experience and education in the field enabled him to write a selling proposal that was spot-on.  He presented this to me in a clear and well laid out pamphlet.  After a lengthy discussion about my needs and expectations, and the market analysis, we agreed on a plan to market the home. He highlighted the positive aspects of the house, and gave needed recommendations on staging.

Eric promised to be responsive to me at all times, and gave me all his contact information.  Whether by email, phone calls or texts, he always got back to me within the hour, and usually within minutes.  His expertise in the market proved to be beneficial, as I received 4 solid offers within the first week.  One of those offers resulted in the quick sale of the home.

Eric remained in constant contact, advising me of the process along the way.  The selling of my childhood home was difficult, but he made the process go smoothly, with assistance on the paperwork, offers, and recommendations.

I would highly recommend Eric as a realtor to anyone, either as a buying or selling agent.  He is friendly, easy to work with, and truly shows his passion for his work.

Alaina Knight-Hougen, CRP | Odyssey Relocation Senior Relocation Consultant | 04/04/16
Eric, this is fantastic news. You’re doing a great job. Thank you.

Justin Shaffer | Seller, SIRVA Relocation Client | 04/01/16
Eric is the gold standard for an agent. His enthusiasm is contagious and is very knowledgeable. He workedthrough the issues and kept the stress at a minimum. He goes above and beyond to make a very stressfulexperience as easy for the seller as it can be.

Mark Stevens | Seller, Relocation Client | 03/10/16
Eric was extremely helpful to both me and my wife.He was born for the job!

Kati Gryn |SIRVA Relocation Consultant | 03/10/16
Eric, I spoke with Mark (Seller) today and he is extremely pleased with your service. He said that he would recommend you to anyone. I just want to thank you for your hard work and assistance with this transferee! You have been fantastic! I look forward to working with you again soon.

Sharon Fox | Relocation Director, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 03/04/16
Eric, you never cease to amaze me!  This is truly a wonderful skill- to time and time again make each and every customer/client/member have the assurance that they are your top priority.Nice job, Eric!  Thank you, for the hard work you do on our BMAs and listing appointments.Keep up the good work.

Lesley Wood | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 03/04/16
You are AWESOME Eric!! We appreciate everything you do for Relocation! Thank you.

Corrine Studebaker | Relocation Coordinator, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 03/04/16
Eric, thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You are a pleasure to work with.

Janice Chafin | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Manager, Mission Viejo | 03/04/16
Eric, it is a blessing to have you on our TEAM! Stay on fire and keep up the good work.

Kelvin Medlock | Buyer, Relocation Client | 03/03/16
I have purchase 4 homes in my life, working with 4 different Agents, but never have I worked with a more customer-oriented, loyal, and knowledgeable professional than Eric Nabors.  From our first conversation, he identified properties which met our requirements and provided us with the most efficient path to view as many properties as our schedule would allow.  He provided us with advice about the market and once we identified a property, he presented our offer in a way in which the seller could not refuse.  He stayed in constant communication with us throughout the process.  He was always transparent, available to answer our questions quickly.  I was frequently copied on emails associated with my deal during the middle of the night.  This man never sleeps until the transaction is complete.  Truly, I’m not sure if he sleeps then; instead he is probably off supporting his other clients.  He always worked in the best interest of his client, speaking for us in a way in which we were certain.  There was never a second where I felt unsure about the information that he provided us.  He is very personable and truly made us feel as though we were the most important people in the world.  Eric is definitely the only Agent I would ever refer to my friends and other associates.

Kay Lee | Buyer, Relocation Client | 03/03/16
We are in celebration mode. Thank you so much for working with us. It was my best experience buying a home.

Mary Spitz | Listing Agent | 02/22/16
Thank you, you are too efficient.

Cynthia Anderson | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 02/16/16
You Rock Eric!

Lisa Rominger | Seller, Correctional Deputy, Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. | 02/11/16

I would not have gotten through a very difficult time in my life if it wasn’t for Eric’s persistence, professionalism, and knowledge. Eric was able to deal with difficult people and still maintain complete professionalism regardless of the difficult issues at hand. I am positive I would not have made it through the sale of my home without Eric, because more than once I wanted to give up. Thanks to Eric, I have peace of mind. I would recommend Eric to everyone that wants to buy or sell a property.

Roxana Khalili | Buyer | 02/03/16
Eric was extremely helpful and patient as we searched for our first home. It took us some time to find a house that felt like the right fit for us, but once we did Eric was there to make sure everything went smoothly and guided us through the whole process. We are grateful to have worked with Eric and recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

Kit Rattan | Lease Listing Client | 01/22/16
Thank you, Eric Nabors. Your professionalism and dedication went well beyond our expectations.

Sandy & Gary Jones | Lease Listing Client | 12/21/15
Happy Holidays, Eric.We just want to express how pleased we have been while working with you for the past few months.  Your professionalism, accessibility, and thoroughness have been truly exemplary.  We have also been quite impressed with your work ethics, honesty and fairness.  We will not hesitate to recommend you highly for any real estate needs.  We look forward to continuing our relationship through rental and eventually sale of our property.

Sharon Fox | Relocation Director, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 12/11/15
So organized! I think you could run a small army. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to our relocating transferees and their families. Again, thank you, so much. It is a pleasure to work with you!! Congrats on a solid year!

Reynaldo Novelo Jr. | VA Buyer | 12/11/15
Eric Nabors is amazing, going above and beyond with a positive attitude. Just as I have serviced in the Military of 9 years; nothing short of excellence. Sempra Fi =

Carlos Maciel | Buyer | 11/17/15
Thanks for helping me prepare, post, and find a buyer for my place. You made selling my place easy. You really take care of business. Thank you, Buddy.

Carolina M. Torres | Buyer | 11/10/15
Having Eric as my realtor was a great experience, I simply could have not managed without him. He was always available to answer all of my questions, and as a first time buyer, I had many. Nonetheless, his expertise and honesty made the process enjoyable. He was responsive and quick to address any issues with the listing side, and always protected my best interests. At times when I felt I wasn’t quite ready to proceed further, he helped me weigh out the pros and cons, caring about me, his client, and not the purchase. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your real estate needs, give Eric a chance and you’ll be pleased with his professionalism and unmatched integrity. He is genuinely gifted at what he does and will go the extra mile to ensure that his client is satisfied. Thank you, Eric – for everything!

Leila Hearns| Seller | 11/10/15
I was a nervous wreck when it came time to sell my home. Eric was very calming & reassuring through the whole process & made it easy for me to understand at each checkpoint what I needed to do. He was always available to answer my questions no matter what time of day, even when it was at midnight & I couldn’t sleep & had just “one more” question. Thank you, Eric, for all you did. The next house we sell, we hope to acquire you to do it. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!

Corrine Studebaker | Inbound & Outbound Relocation Coordinator, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 11/09/15
GOOD JOB ERIC, you work so hard with great service for your clients. Thank you for all you do. It is a pleasure working with you.

Janice Chafin | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Manager, Mission Viejo | 10/30/15
I am proud to have Eric on my team…It always good to receive great comments from others. Eric, you are the greatest! I thank you.

Lesley Wood | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 10/30/15
And I love Eric too. He’s always professional & services his clients well! Awesome…and so organized!! But of course…it’s you, Eric. We appreciate all you do for Relo!! Thank you.

Terri J. Smith | Realtor | 10/26/15
Hi Eric, thank you very much too for all your hard work and fast paced and smoothly closing the transaction. We couldn’t have closed this transaction without you. We all deeply appreciate you and your buyer’s cooperation and loving this home.

Joseph (J.J.) Mazzo | Summit Funding Inc. Lending, Branch Manager | 09/22/15
We love working for you; such a pleasure. Thank you, Eric.

Phil Boutet, DVM | Seller, Relocation Client | 09/15/15
Eric is THE BEST and we would recommend him to anyone selling or buying a home.
What we appreciated about him was his knowledge and expertise in both the OC area, as well as the corporate relocation process. He was engaged and open to collaboration with us on all fronts which to set us up for success. He didn’t even bat an eyelash in having to work around us having 2 large dogs, and was super flexible to meet our needs. What differentiated him from other realtors was his excitement of what our house had to offer and how he would work with us to find the right buyers. He worked diligently to find the buyers which resulted in multiple offers above asking within the first week-end, and we were successfully into escrow within 10 days of opening.
Eric exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond by doing what was right to meet our needs as sellers.

Jeremy Wayland | Listing Agent | 09/08/15
Thank You Eric, you are definitely one of the Classiest Agents I’ve worked with, your lender is amazing.  I hopefully will see another offer from you in the future as you were a distinct pleasure to work with.

Joseph Beck | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Broker Associate, Mission Viejo | 08/28/15
I think we would all agree…a consistent effort in the real estate business can lead to success….Throughout this 2 month contest ERIC NABORS has continued to show consistency in his activity.This week again, CONGRATULATIONS to ERIC NABORS for Top Point totals for the week ending 8/25/2015.

Joseph Beck | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Broker Associate, Mission Viejo | 08/21/15
CONGRATULATIONSto top Point Producer for the week ending 8/18 with 8.5 Points: ERIC NABORS. Great Job Eric…you are having a great year!!

John Heer | Lease Listing Client | 08/12/15
Dear Eric, you are the most professional, hardworking and trustworthy Realtor we have ever worked with!  Please share this testimonial with others: As landlords we usually need to rent out our townhouse every couple years and the whole process can be very time consuming with all the advertising, phone calls, showings, interviews and credit checks involved. Furthermore, it usually takes us about 1-2 months to rent out.  Would you believe that Eric was able to rent out our townhome in a little over one week!  (If we weren’t so picky it would have been rented out in just a few days)

Eric arranged for a professional photographer to take about 35 pictures of the townhouse as well as put together a virtual video tour.

Advertised our townhome on the MLS, Trulia, Yahoo, Zillow,Yahoo homes and countless other property websites.

Screened the applicants and obtained their rental application, credit report, copy of driver’s license, checking and savings account statement and previous rental history information.

Concisely organized the information into an email so the next morning we could quickly review each applicant and let him know of our decision.

Set up interviews with the final choice applicants.

Prepared rental agreement and obtained signatures.

We would recommend Eric to anyone who needs a Realtor to buy, sell or rent a home. He treated us like we were his only customers even though we knew he was busy with other properties. Best of all he rented our home out so fast we didn’t need to take time off from work or lose out on a couple months’ rent payments like we usually do.  Thanks again Eric!John and Linda Heer

Joseph Beck | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Broker Associate, Mission Viejo | 08/07/15
Eric…you are smokin’….great job for leading the way in production for yet another week!!!You are going to have a few really great months strung together…good for you…keep it going!

Cynthia Anderson | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 08/07/15
Great job! Congratulations Eric!

Janice Chafin | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Manager, Mission Viejo | 08/06/15
Great! That was quick! Thanks for the sale. Great job! Keep it up. This is a great year for you.  You are the best!

Lesley Wood | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 08/05/15
This was a sketchy one.  Thank you for hanging in there & for all of the diligent work you accomplished! Go Eric, go Eric, go, go, go Eric (singing)

Eileen Peltier | Rental Client | 08/04/15
Thank you, Eric, for your professionalism. Hopefully we’ll be able to do a transaction at another time.

Joseph Beck | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Broker Associate, Mission Viejo | 07/30/15
HELLO TEAM. I am happy to announce for the week ending 7/21/2015, we had a tie for Top Point Production for the week. Congratulations, Eric Nabors and Edgar Sholte….each had a total of 7 points this week. Great job you guys!! Hope you all have a Happy and Successful week.

Joseph Beck | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Broker Associate, Mission Viejo | 07/29/15
Another great week Eric…Thank you!

Shelley Fels| Rental Client | 07/29/15
Thank you for showing us the house.  I was impressed by you as an agent.

Joseph Beck | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Broker Associate, Mission Viejo | 07/23/15
Thank you, Eric. A good week considering you were at a sales training in Vegas much of the week. Appreciate the effort. I have a gift card to present you for achieving the highest point total for the 1st &2nd weeks.

Joseph Beck | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Broker Associate, Mission Viejo | 07/14/15
On behalf of the whole Team to the Top Point Earner for the week, I am happy to announce Eric Nabors took the honors this week with 14 points. Great job Eric, you are setting the pace for our TEAM.Thank you.

Vicki Tabacchi| Out of Area Realtor & Client | 07/08/15
It was wonderful to meet you…professional real estate agent. Thanks again for your time. Warmest Aloha.

Joseph Beck | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Broker Associate, Mission Viejo | 07/11/15
Eric, great job!!! You are having a great week.

Karol Pierce | Past Client (Seller/Buyer) | 07/02/15
Thanks, Eric! I know you’ll take the best care of my referral…which is why when he asked if I knew a Realtor, the only one that I know always does the best job…is YOU!

Melanie Scott | Buyer | 06/26/15
We worked with Eric to find a home for our expanding family. At times, our home search was very frustrating and confusing, but Eric was highly efficient in navigating us through the process. He thoroughly explained cumbersome real estate information, was always available to provide additional counseling, and made sure our offers were highly competitive–all while maintaining a positive attitude and providing us a realistic outlook. He was highly knowledgeable about the real estate market and provided us very accurate predictions regarding various homes, trends, and offers. He assisted in directing us to the best matched lending services, which allowed us to close on the house in an unbelievably short timeframe. Furthermore, he is very detail-oriented and made sure nothing fell through the cracks. Best of all–he’s truly an authentic and genuine person. We couldn’t have picked a better person to work with in our home search and would recommend Eric with absolutely no reservations. Eric, we are SOOO very happy. Couldn’t thank you enough!

Janice Chafin | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Manager, Mission Viejo | 06/17/15
You are on a roll.  Keep them coming. You rock! Great Job! Glad you are on my TEAM!

Mina Abdelmalek | Buyer’s Agent | 06/16/15
You are awesome to work with.

Monica Carr | Listing Agent | 06/15/15
Eric – you are an INCREDIBLE AGENT!  It’s always amazing when like-minded professionals team up.  That’s why I love J.J. Mazzo and his team!  They are the BOMB! Thanks to all for making this transaction so seamless!

Barbara McGranahan | Multiple Buyer & Multiple Seller | 06/11/15
Eric is the best Realtor I have ever dealt with. He is constantly working to get me the best price for my homes. He answers calls no matter the time. I would never deal with anyone else.

Patrick Strittmater | First-Time Buyer | 06/11/15
Eric Nabors greatly exceeded our expectations as a real estate agent. As first-time home buyers we werereluctant to invest our money in just any home; we wanted to find “the one.”Eric was extremely patient with us throughout our search. We began working with him in March of 2014,looking at purchasing a townhome or condo. After many showings, we realized we wanted to stop our searchin order to save more money to purchase a single family home the following year. Eric was understandingand extremely supportive about our decision. We began working with him again in February of 2015. He coached us through making multiple offers andalways gave us realistic expectations. We finally found our dream home, and the escrow process wasnothing short of a nightmare. Our lender was always behind schedule, and the listing agent was VERYdifficult to work with. Eric handled himself with the utmost professionalism throughout the entire experience.He put pressure on the lender to speed up their process and made sure the frustrated listing agent was atease. Eric was able to juggle all parties without ever losing sight of us and our interests, keeping us as hisnumber one priority.If you want someone who will go to bat for you and will not let up until your interests are met, than Eric is yourguy! We will ABSOLUTELY use him in the future and recommend you do as well.

Courtney Strittmater | Buyer | 04/16/15
Hi Eric, Just wanted to send you a quick note saying thank you. I’ve been keeping up with the emails you have been forwarding, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you defending our feelings. I also appreciate how much detail you put into every interaction you have with the seller’s agent. Of course as first time home buyers we are going to be nervous! However, knowing you are representing us and have our best interests in mind makes me feel very comfortable. We are fortunate to have you! Best, Courtney.

Mary Spitz | Listing Agent | 04/14/15
Hi Eric, Just wanted to send you a quick note saying thank you. I’ve been keeping up with the emails you have been forwarding, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you defending our feelings. I also appreciate how much detail you put into every interaction you have with the seller’s agent. Of course as first time home buyers we are going to be nervous! However, knowing you are representing us and have our best interests in mind makes me feel very comfortable. We are fortunate to have you! Best, Courtney.

Stacy Baldwin | Seller | 03/25/15
Thanks again for all the hard work you did for me I really appreciate it. You made this process so easy and painless, I really appreciate everything you and your team did for us. Thank you very much. I’m going to write those reviews. I’m just working on it so it’s the best. I want to write the best recommendation for you. Of course I will make you sound like the “King of Real Estate.”

David Martinez | Property Owner/Landlord/Lessor | 02/06/15
Working with Eric was a positive experience all the way around. I truly appreciated his professionalism and diligent attention to detail. He was able to work around my busy schedule to keep me updated on the process of finding a tenant for my vacation rental. Eric effectively facilitated the entire process end to end and delivered results. I was more than happy with Eric. I would continue to work with Eric at any opportunity and I can confidently recommend his services to anyone looking for a results oriented realtor with the highest level of integrity.

Sharon Fox | Relocation Director, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 02/06/15
Eric, we want to clone you in Relocation :)!

Rick Davidson | Century 21 Real Estate, LLC – President & CEO | 01/27/15
Eric, congratulations on achieving the 2014 Masters Ruby award. Your hard work and dedication to your customers, your community and the CENTURY 21® System have enabled you to earn this outstanding achievement. It is because of affiliated sales professional like you that the CENTURY 21 brand continues to be a powerful force in real estate and receives notoriety, such as our recent sweep of the 2014 J.D. Power Home Buyer and Seller Satisfaction Awards. You are a valued member of the CENTURY 21 System, and I am proud to have you as a part of CENTURY 21 Real Estate! Thank you for all of your efforts in 2014, I wish you the best for a prosperous 2015.

Janice Chafin | Century 21 Beachside, Realtors – Manager, Mission Viejo | 01/19/15
Eric, is it okay if I use your website, work ethics, etc., as an example (at the office meeting tomorrow) of what it takes to succeed in this business…Thanks…Tuesday’s meeting was great…you were my spotlight of what excellent service is all about. Some of the Agents have viewed your site and were impressed…Keep up the good work…

Duvan Barrios | Personal Reference | 01/01/15
I see Eric as a hard worker, to provide for is client’s needs and wants. Eric goes beyond and above to make his clients happy. Not only does he go beyond his workload for his clients, he’s willing to find and do whatever it takes to see happy homeowners…yes, the bottom line, I would give every buying homeowner Eric Nabors’ business card…

Carlos Maciel | Buyer | 12/16/14
Eric is top notch, he was able to give me listing upon request, work completely around my work schedule, always responded almost immediately, and had the answer to any questions I may of had. When I did decide on a location he was quick to have an assessment and a value of what it is worth based on various factors like neighborhood, size, condition, etc. In all I was beyond pleased with Eric and as a bonus since he has been doing this for some time if any work is needed to be done he has created a network people who can help out with any task you could think of.

Lesley Wood | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 12/11/14
Great to see you…Eric! And congrats on your award! We appreciate your hard work throughout this year & 2015 will be even better. Happy Holidays!

Sharon Fox | Relocation Director, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 12/10/14
Eric, what a pleasure it has been to work with you and to know you better this year. Your follow up and excellent customer service was great! We really appreciate your dedication and professionalism. Here’s to a great New Year. Merry Christmas.

Joan Cox | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 12/10/14
Congratulations on your awards! Looking forward to a better year coming up!

Laura Meehan | Escrow Officer, Monte Carlo Escrow | 11/21/14
You rock, Eric!!

Reggie Webb | Seller | 11/21/14
(Sale – Nov ’14) Eric was great to work with again, he helped me find my current primary residence. His expertise was very instrumental in allowing me to quickly receive full asking as well as above asking price on the sale price of my home. Extremely happy with his responsiveness, knowledge, and ability to coordinate a smooth escrow. Eric’s my real estate agent and I have the utmost confidence in his services. 2 for 2 Eric…short and sweet once again!!!

(Purchase – May ’14) Eric is an excellent Realtor. He helped my family and I find and buy the home we were looking for in just a few short weeks. His knowledge, responsiveness, and level of honesty made us very comfortable. Throughout the process he was always on top of his game. No doubt, there will be more business with Eric in the short term as we have more real estate activity on the horizon. Thanks for all your help Eric…much appreciated!

Cory & Kristy Hancox | Corporate Relocation Buyers, WHR Group | 11/19/14
“Eric Nabors is a wonderful resource, supporter, and partner to assist you and your family with the purchase of your home! To begin, my wife and I accepted a transfer with my company to South Orange County in September, and shortly after we were house hunting for our next home. The process was moving quickly and time was of the essence. Thankfully, through a relocation company, Eric was the realtor assigned to us in our new location. Eric promptly gave me a call and introduced himself. He took time to explain the process thoroughly and answer my questions. I had many concerns, but he was very accommodating and easy to speak with on the phone. We made plans with Eric and we came down to South Orange County. We had found about multiple houses to look at during our short three day stay in the area. When we met Eric for the first time, he was very professional and welcoming. He was eager to assist us, and he exceeded every one of our expectations. We spent two days driving and visiting many homes with him, and he was very passionate and knowledgeable about South Orange County. After each day of visiting homes, later at night, Eric would provide us with immediate information and feedback on some of the homes we were considering. Ultimately, we found our home and extended an offer. As with any transaction, there was a “back and forth” process that had to take place. During this procedure is when I really appreciated Eric and his skills. He did not hold anything back, and he fought hard to get us in to the house that we wanted, and at a price we were comfortable with. Approximately 45 days after MEETING him, we had found our home and had CLOSED. I truly believe that this would not have happened without Eric! In short, I think I can say it best when I say that Eric is somebody that you want on your side. The home buying and relocation process is not easy, but with Eric working for you, it will flow in the right direction and keep moving forward. Eric is a true professional, in every sense of the word, and he takes tremendous pride in his career! My wife and I are very thankful to have bought our home with Eric, and we can’t thank him enough!”

Donna Smith | Escrow Officer, Integrity 1st Escrow | 11/19/14
WOW! Looks who’s rockin the file super-fast…. Your office is GREAT to work with!

Sandy Compton & Dave Provencher | Sellers | 10/15/14
Eric came very highly recommended. So for this reason we decided to use his services even though Eric is outside our area. We had lived in our house for over 40 years and had never sold a house. We had no previous knowledge of the many legal requirements and required paperwork. Eric held our hands thru the whole process. He is very professional and was always available. He always answered his phone or returned our calls no matter what time we called. We were very impressed with Eric. On the day we signed, he took pictures and on the very next day our house was featured in all the web sites. The very first week we had received 4 offers, but Eric still had a professional photographer take pictures and updated the web sites. This was at his own expense. Our house is located in Los Angeles County and has more requirements and restrictions on selling a house, but we were able to close escrow in 35 days. This would not have Happened without Eric’s ability to work and negotiate with the buyers and their Agent. We appreciate all of Eric’s hard work and hand holding. We would never had believed we would be moved with money in the bank in 35 days, but Eric made it happen. Thank you Eric.

Susan & Will Marquez | Buyers | 10/05/14
Eric is very easy to work with and responds quickly to any inquiry. He is thorough and very knowledgeable. He has also assisted me in renting out another house. I would work with Eric again anytime.

Brett & Jennifer Miller | Corporate Relocation Sellers, Cartus | 09/22/14
Eric Nabors is a consummate professional. From the first day we met Eric to the final closing date, he was in constant communication giving updates all along the way. He actually told us that we could call him ANYTIME day or night if we ever had any questions. He meant it too as we called or texted him late into the night a few times and of course he was up and working. I don’t think he ever sleeps. As first time home sellers, we were a little unsure and anxious about the entire process. Eric guided us through each step flawlessly. He is very well prepared and meticulous in his approach to marketing the property to be sold and utilizes an array of marketing resources to ensure your home is seen by as many potential buyers as possible in the shortest amount of time. He had a professional photographer come and take amazing photos of our home to accompany our listing. The photos were amazing and undoubtedly helped to sell the property quickly. Through his efforts, we received multiple offers in a very short period of time. He spent the time going through each offer and giving us feedback on the highlights of each and the potential hang-ups. After accepting our offer, Eric managed the inspection process beautifully. Additionally, we were selling our home due to a job relocation out of the state. Eric has great experience working with the relocation companies and is very good at navigating all of the additional red tape imposed by the relocation companies. Honestly speaking, Eric Nabors is not only a great agent but a great and honest human being. I would not hesitate one moment to recommend Eric to a buyer or a seller. I promise you won’t be disappointed. He is truly a class act within a profession where the focus on client needs is not always the priority.

Barbara McGranahan | Multiple Buyer & Multiple Seller | 09/27/14
I have used the real estate services of Eric Nabors just under two-dozen times over the past 9-years (22 to be exact). Eric helped me purchase my last 3 homes and listed & sold 4 of my homes; 3 requiring the expertise of a Short Sale specialist, which he certainly is. Eric also procured 15 sets of tenants for my rental properties through his rental services, providing me with substantial rental income on each investment. Being a widow, this income was extremely important to me and was essential for economic survival. Eric is always available to be reached and responds immediately to all methods of communication (phone, email, texts or face-to-face), and he is always working. I’ve never known anyone more determined or more effective in any occupation. Whether it is Eric’s professionalism, his experience, his determination, his accessibility or his ability to continue delivering & maximizing results, exceeding my expectations during every single transaction, I will never trust another with my real estate dealings. Eric Nabors will remain my Realtor for life. He is honest, ethical, full of integrity and absolutely the very best at what he does. I highly recommend Eric for all of your real estate needs.

Michael Speirs | Buyer | 09/26/14
As a Home Inspector, I work with Agents all the time. When it came time for me to buy my home, I chose Eric Nabors! It only took one meeting with Eric to realize that he is a true and honest professional! As a Home Inspector and a General Contractor, I know what I want in a home, but I needed a Realtor who would listen to my needs and negotiate for me! Eric is absolutely top notch! He listened to everything that my wife and I wanted in a home and he instantly went to work. I know that I was not Eric’s only client…but he sure made us feel that we were! He was in contact with us daily, making sure that we were on track with everything. And when we finally found the home we wanted, Eric took negotiations to a whole new level! I really could write forever about our experience with Eric. Honestly, just pick up the phone and make the call! You will see for yourself as soon as you talk with him. There is a reason that Eric is a top Realtor! Oh and, it’s been over 6 years since we’ve purchased our home…Eric still calls to check in on us! Great Realtor, Great Friend, Great Guy!

Albert & Kathy Pedroza | Corporate Relocation Sellers, Altair Global | 09/23/14
This was a potentially complicated relocation and home sale for our family, but Eric walked us through step by step and kept it as simple as possible and truly represented out interests throughout. We really appreciated Eric’s expertise and professionalism in this home sale. We would highly recommend him to other’s looking for a sellers agent!

Ashley Hooker | ALTAIR Global Relocation | 09/19/14
Thank you for staying on top of this transaction.

Tiffany Bouchard | Personal Assistant | 09/19/14
Eric, you are and have been the most influential person in my life over the past 30 years. I admire your honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and your ability to treat each client as if they were the only client you had, thus, giving 110% to every transaction no matter how big or small it may be. Because of the work ethics and standards you have instilled in me, I have achieved professional and personal goals that otherwise wouldn’t have been attainable. Because of your persistence and dedication many are now happy homeowners. Without a doubt, I would and do recommend your services to any and every home buyer or seller I come across; I love that you treat each and every clients transaction as if it were your very own. That’s the type of dedication I want for my clients, family and friends. Eric, you are one of a kind, an A++ Realtor and colleague. Keep up the great work!!

Debi Collins | Buyer | 09/17/14
Eric Nabors has been great to work with. Unfortunately there are not a lot of good properties available in my price range. He has been patient while I continue my home previews to find the right property for me. If I call or send an email he responds immediately. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone.

Michael Speirs | Property Inspector | 05/12/14
Another successful home inspection for Eric Nabors, a Top Producer at Century 21 Beachside, Mission Viejo, CA! If you are looking for a true professional to help you buy or sell your home, I suggest you call Eric Nabors. An absolute pro when it comes to helping his clients. He is not only attentive to all your needs and wants, but Eric has an extreme dedication and high expectation of everyone involved in the buying/selling process. I’ve witnessed his interaction with his clients, he never steps away-looks away or even touches his phone when his clients are present…he gives them his utmost attention and even takes notes when he is talking with his clients! He listens to all their questions or concerns completely and then helps them by answering their questions or finding out an answer immediately. I don’t work for Eric, I work for his clients, but Eric makes everyone feel like part of his team! His professionalism extends to all involved in the process: contractors, inspectors, tenants, sellers, buyers…it is amazing how well he manages the whole process! 5 STARS all the way!

Trasi Adams | Seller, Short Sale | 04/30/14
Eric Nabors was great in assisting us with our short sale. He was very understanding of my husband and my circumstances, and he explained the process in a way in which we understood each step. Eric Nabors possesses great customer service skills. I truly appreciate his calmness, and willingness to pull this through even with some tough lenders. Eric, I thank you for all that you have done, and I look forward to continuing business with you in the future. Many thanks.

Lejon Adams | Seller, Short Sale | 04/30/14
Eric was great in assisting us with our short sale. Eric was fast and responsive with our questions and was always available to us. We truly appreciate your professionalism and your efforts to make this happen for us. We look forward to working with you in the future when were ready to purchase again. Thanks.

Britney BB | Realtor Assistant | 04/10/14
It’s been great working with you, you stay on top of things and you get things done! Thank you.

Elinor Conroy | Broker & Leasing Client | 02/26/14
Eric, thank you so much for the excellent handling of this transaction. It was a pleasure working with you all.

Laura Meehan | Escrow Officer | 02/26/14
Thank you…you’re sooo awesome!!! You’re so good Eric!!

Brad & Yuko Bell | USAA MoversAdvantage, Buyers | 02/13/14
Eric was amazing and dealing with him was the highlight of our entire buying experience!” If you need something longer: “My wife and I were both impressed with Eric’s professionalism, courteousness, advice, and attention to detail. He was thoughtful, diligent, and incredibly prompt in all his replies. Without a doubt he is one of the finest realtors that we have ever worked with and if we need the services of a realtor again, or any friend of ours needs assistance with buying or selling a property, he will be the first and only person we call. Also, Deidre Parker from USAA told me that you are “a great joy to work with. Thanks again for everything! P.S. And if you need us to tell someone this over the phone, they can give me a call.

Alex Vellandi | Realtor, Broker, Attorney | 02/13/14
Eric, congratulations! Thanks for all your help getting this over the finish line in what was a very smooth transaction….Thanks again for a job well done!

Joshua & Suzanne Schwab | Buyers | 01/23/14
In the past we have had some disappointing experiences with real estate agents. Eric has restored our faith in this industry. From the first meeting Eric was very professional, organized and responsive. Before we even started looking at houses Eric took the time to educate us on the process and his duties as a Realtor. He worked hard and truly went above in beyond given our specific circumstances. We highly recommend, and most of all trust Eric.

Isha Shepard | Buyers | 01/22/14
Eric, from the time we were referred to you from our cousin Romon in July 2013, you guided us through the entire home buying process. You are the reason we have our home today because if you never pointed me in Russell Massro’s direction this could not have been possible!!! When I say Russell makes miracles he truly does that. You were always available at anytime of the day or night…..including 2 am offer requests. LOL. You educated us on the home buying process from looking at listings, to making an offer, to closing escrow. We are truly truly grateful for all you have done for us and we could not have asked for another realtor. You are the best Eric!!! Thanks again!!! Isha and Alvin

Duane Lambell | Buyer | 09/20/13
Eric worked tirelessly until he helped me get into the perfect condo. He submitted 400-500 offers in a market flooded with all cash offers. He is very honest, ethical and hard working.

Jon & Kim Davies | Corporate Relocation Sellers & Buyers, WHR Group | 09/13/13
Eric was fantastic in not only selling my residence in one day and expediting my closing, but was fantastic in writing a competitive and complete offer to land our new home in Glendora. Eric builds great rapport with the other agents and gives a competitive advantage to the buyer/seller in this current market.

Gina Ma | Realtor | 09/13/13
Hi Eric, thank you very much too for all your hard work and fast paced and smoothly closing the transaction. We all deeply appreciate you and your buyer’s cooperation and loving this home.
As I said, It was very pleasant working with you, very fast and efficient, thank you and everyone including your buyer’s cooperation. We all deeply hope your buyers love the home and enjoy staying here. Thank you. Hopefully we will have more opportunities to work together again in the future.

Joan Cox | Relocation Coordinator, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 09/13/13
Eric, this transaction was very smooth and quick! Just the way I like it!

Lesley Wood | Relocation Counselor, Century 21 & Coldwell Beachside | 09/13/13
Hi Eric, I see that you are a very detailed person & like to have things in order. I totally understand & appreciate that. I have no doubt that you will be able to make our Affinity buyers look as presentable as possible & get them into escrow. Thank you.

Jon Davies | Corporate Relocation Seller & Buyer, WHR Group | 09/10/13
Eric, I really appreciate the extra effort. Kim and I owe you!

Viktoria Rozenbaum | Realtor Assistant | 06/18/13
Hi Eric, thank you for your patience….You came across as a very professional agent and a person of integrity. I hope to have business with you in the future, Thank you.

Russell J. Massro | Lending, Branch Manager | 06/04/13
So you know – I work with other Realtor’s, and always use your work ethic as an example of what successful realtors have to do in this economy.

Mark Wagner, Ph.D. | Relocation Client | 05/20/13
Thanks, Eric – and thank you for dropping off the keys, remotes, and HOA paperwork (we were particularly glad to not have to sort that out). In general, thank you for all of your help throughout this process… dealing with you has been fantastic and I’m sure you’ll hear from us again in the future. 🙂

Alicia Baker | Buyer | 04/26/13
Eric is very precise and professional. He was the best agent ever, he puts his client’s needs first and reassures them throughout the buying process. I would recommend him to anyone and will only use him if we sell or buy again. If you want the job done right and fast he’s your guy!

Reggie Webb | Buyer | 04/20/13
Eric is an excellent Realtor. He helped my family and I find and buy the home we were looking for in just a few short weeks. His knowledge, responsiveness, and level of honesty made us very comfortable. Throughout the process he was always on top of his game. No doubt, there will be more business with Eric in the short term as we have more real estate activity on the horizon. Thanks for all your help Eric…much appreciated!

Siggy Olson | Realtor / Management Consultant, Century 21 Beachside | 03/07/13
You are unbelievable. WOW ! We are so proud of you. I wish all of our agents were as good and hard working as you are! Glad to have you on our team.

Christina Hernandez | Realtor | 11/15/12
It was an easy transaction, working with you was nice since day ONE.

Marjie Baladad | Escrow Manager / Officer | 11/15/12
Wish they could all be like YOU…..so fast and friendly to work with!!! We

Joanne Carmona | Escrow Officer | 11/15/12
I so agree..can you teach a class..lol

Raj Kalidindi | Buyer | 11/07/12
I want to thank you for all your efforts, your dedication towards this deal, making sure that I feel good at any given time. I have seen very rarely these qualities. I am happy that you have (and will be) represented me for this deal. Once again thanks for all your amazing work.

Miriam Jones | Realtor | 01/07/12
Dear Eric, I am very impressed! You are very professional and can substantiate your record…you are “the real deal”. You have earned my seal of approval and respect. I see why you are so successful!

Almas H. Ahmed | Realtor | 12/21/11
Eric this is fantastic job. Thank you

Ish Malani | Realtor | 12/21/11
Great job. One of the best closings experienced in a while. Congratulations, Eric for your high level professionalism.

Debbie Wertenberger | Loan Consultant | 12/20/11
Thanks. You were very efficient and were great to work with.

Tiffany Bouchard | Personal Assistant | 12/20/11
Congratulations!! You truly had to work your tail off for this one. You are very professional. I’m so proud of you, Eric. You deserve all that God is allowing you to achieve. You’re such a good, honest man. 🙂

Chris Ledesma | Seller, Short Sale | 12/15/11
Hey Eric, that is great news. I am real happy how things have turned out. Thanks so much for all your effort on this. Can’t thank you enough.

Marie Ruch | Short Sale Servicer, B of A | 12/14/11
Thank you it was a pleasure to work with you. You have been great!

Chris Clancy | Seller, Short Sale | 12/09/11
Wow! Is all I can say! Thanks for sticking with it, Eric. I will always hold a special place in my heart for you. You gave my life back.

Susan Skipper | Buyer | 12/07/11
Thanks Eric for all your persistence in getting this done. Happy Holidays!

Luis Sanchez | Realtor | 12/07/11
Eric, I also would like to personally thank you, for a job well done…There are times we come across some good agents, and I just want to say that you are one of them in every way, shape or form. Doing business with you has been a pleasure, hope someday we cross our path again. Once again thank you. Take care.

Judy Recinos | Escrow, Closing Agent | 12/09/11
Thank you. You have made my day!!!! You were awesome to work with. Hopefully we can work together again.

Michael Wan | Former Employee | 11/01/11
Eric is a true professional. I had the pleasure of working for him at the Los Angeles Times for 8 years. He strived to be the best he could be and succeed 100% of the time, in my opinion. He gave 110% everyday and I felt I had to match his intensity. He was a great mentor who knew how to get the best out of any employee. I have to say he was the best Manager/Boss I ever had. I trust Eric to be diligent in anything he does, including any Real Estate transaction I may need. He is highly knowledgeable, does his homework, and will exceed anyone’s expectations.

Joanne & Megan Mitchell | Relocation Client | 08/19/11
I recently had the pleasure to work with Eric Nabors of Century 21 Realty. The entire experience was a pleasure. I needed a professional Realtor to find housing after relocating to Southern California this summer from the East Coast. Eric Nabors was our “go to” guy from the start. He found just what we were looking for; a great neighborhood with great schools. My family and I felt embraced by Eric and his staff; not only was he professional, but extremely easy to work with. If you need a Realtor who is thorough, knowledgeable and reliable, don’t look any further; Eric Nabors is your guy. Thanks again, Eric, you really restored my faith that there are good Realtors out there! You made the process a real pleasure! You rock!

Dave Coatsworth | Relocation Client | 08/06/11
Eric, I do believe in recognizing the best of professional behaviors that improve the good of the whole community. Thank you again.

Lusineh Mirzakhani | Realtor | 07/29/11
Hi Eric, thank you…You’ve been a true pleasure to work with. Hope to work with you in the near future 🙂

Cynthia Daniels | Realtor | 07/27/11
Hi Eric, I look forward to meeting you. It is rare to find an agent that is compassionate, understanding and professional. Thanks again.

Gary & Amy Heyer | Sellers, Short Sale & Buyers | 07/12/11
Eric, first of all we want to THANK YOU for all that you have done to go out of your way whenever we have needed you. Because of you this process has ran extremely smooth and successful!! We are so happy that Marri found you and believed in you enough to get us in contact. As a business man, I truly wish that with every business transaction that I make throughout my days, that I would be fortunate enough to deal with someone like yourself. You have taken the extra time and attention to make sure that every detail is tended to and even when we had crazy requests or questions, you always took the time to explain things thoroughly and made sure that we were comfortable. With all that said, we will never have another Real Estate Agent other then you, and I will refer everyone I know or pass by to you. Thank you for the excellent service that you provided to Amy and I during our short-sale process for our home in Chino and our purchase in Placentia. I have heard of many nightmares about the short-sales and you made ours very simple. You always made us feel like we were important to you and you always made time for us, whether it was to make phone calls to our lenders or to take us out to home viewings. I have and I will continue to recommend you to anyone of my friends or family members that need a real estate agent. It is because of you that we are in the situation that we are in now, and we couldn’t be any happier! Thank you for your professionalism, integrity and hard work Eric!! Great Job to you my friend!!! Thank you for all that you have done to make this a fast and successful transaction!!! Thank you for taking good care of us the whole way through!!!

Robert Brown | Seller, Short Sale | 01/05/11
Eric helped me sell my home and got the deal done when buyers tried to back out. He’s the best in the business.

Mark Cofer | Realtor | 01/08/10
Thanks Eric. Very professional of you! You are one of the few in the business that keeps a reasonable and ego free attitude, which by the way is one of the elements I see in most truly successful agents. Congrats!

Roger E. Rice, Jr. | FNMA Loan Adjustor Specialist | 01/08/09
Just wanted to drop you a line and say “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” while I was thinking about it. Hope you have a very safe and happy holiday season!! You’re my basis for comparison for every other Agent I work with and no one can clear the bar that you set. It’s just to high!!! Thanks for making a difference!

Derek Wood | Broker & Owner, C21 Home Realtors | 11/19/09
Eric brings a high degree of professionalism and knowledge to the table when working with clients who are putting trust in his handling of their real estate needs.
Top qualities: Great results. Personable. High integrity.

Connie Shu | Loan Consultant | 10/07/09
“You ROCK! Thanks so much for your help with those properties, and thank you for the follow thru AND follow up. It is what separates you from all those mediocre agents. :-D”

James Wong | Realtor | 10/07/09
You have handled the short sale process superbly…thanks.

Sherry Degner | Escrow Manager / Officer | 07/21/09
If I call I might not be able to talk !! I don’t even know how to say in words how I feel. You have just brightened my day so much, as you always do. They are beautiful!! I love flowers so much, and they just could not be anymore gorgeous. With all that you have to do, and as busy as you are, you always make the time for me, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I can only hope that somehow and some way I have made one ounce of a difference in your life as you have mine. Thank you for being so thoughtful and always being my sweetheart!!

Donald Taylor | Seller | 03/25/09
You earned your money on this one. I am going to buy me a new Harley tomorrow. Thanks for everything!